Simple Business Stationery Themes to Start Your New Company

Branching out to begin your own company is a courageous act and requires tremendous planning, not to mention many large purchases from office space to office furniture. Amidst all of the start-up stresses, it’s easy to overlook smaller items, such as business stationery. However, omitting stationery from your initial purchases puts you behind the game because it’s the key to portraying a successful image.

Why Purchases Stationery

The basic elements of a stationery package include several elements: letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Before you make your first sale, you want to ensure that your company portrays a completely professional image. Simply printing your company name and address at the top of white paper is a bad decision that could hurt you. If you want your new endeavor to be taken seriously by potential clients and vendors, you can’t send out an introductory letter printed on computer paper. It sends the message that you aren’t invested in your enterprise enough to design professional stationery.

Less is More

You don’t need to panic and feel that you need to hire an expensive marketing firm to create an elaborate business stationery package. Even if you haven’t developed a logo, you do have a corporate name and purpose, and this is enough to begin.

Professional, yet simple business stationery is best. Spend some time looking at different color schemes and paper types before making a decision. Think about what products or services your business offers and choose simple business stationery that complements your goals. If your business will cater towards a wealthy demographic, choose a more formal paper and elegant design. If your company is more casual, choose a less refined business stationery package, but don’t lose that professional feel.

Business Stationery Tips and Ideas

If your company has a concrete theme, such as a floral shop, landscaper, or clothing boutique, you can use this to build your simple stationery package. For example, if you are opening a landscaping enterprise, you might choose stationery that features a modern grass border along the bottom. You can then print your company name and information printed in green in the upper left corner.

If your endeavor requires more formal stationery, as the case would be with a law firm or accounting service, you will need to take a different approach. You might choose ivory linen paper with your company’s monogram in the top left corner followed by your contact information. This is simple stationery that will inspire confidence in your clients.

If you have developed a logo and marketing plan, including a website, for your new company, then take a hint from your current color scheme and develop simple business stationery that continues your theme. This creates continuity for clients who, upon receiving a letter, might visit your website. If the two are drastically different, it could signal to potential clients that your business is not cohesive or ready to handle their needs.

Keeping your stationery simple, professional and cohesive will keep you a step ahead of your competition and pay dividends over time.

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